Cartoon Network Gira CNxion Tour


Summer, 2008


Valladolid, Sitges, Cádiz, Alicante, Gijón, Santander and Madrid.


Cartoon Network
Cartoon Network Gira CNxion Tour
The CNxion Tour was a “Road Show” geared at introducing real live Cartoon Network characters to their young fans.
The Cartoon Network commissioned Vision Global to design, produce and coordinate a full range of activities for this innovative cross-country tour with stops in seven cities.
The children were thrilled to meet their favorite characters in person and frolic at the Crazy Cars site using “recycled automobiles” along with characters Ed, Edd, and Eddy. They soared like superheroes at the mini Bungee-Jump station by Ben10, pranced around the inflatable Supergirls attraction and vied against each other in competitions at the miniature stadium.
At the “Ugly Duckling” performance area, dancers supervised games with the kids on stage, performing acrobatic stunts and bringing everyone into the fun though group dance numbers.
The Grand Arrival of the network’s characters was, without a doubt, the highpoint of the event in which the young participants had a chance to meet Shin Chan and Fourarms in the flesh!
As the festivities wound down, all children were given a backpack with a Cartoon Network magazine, a DVD and a CNxion Tour T-shirt.