Coca Cola All Hands Meeting 2018


November 2018




MSC/ Coca Cola
Coca Cola All Hands Meeting 2018
The annual Coca Cola All Hands Meeting for employees brought together 200 participants for a day replete with activities and excitement.
In conjunction with Solsona Comunicación, we produced and coordinated the entire event including activity design, venue selection, presentation and video design and event direction and management.
Upon arrival, groups were divided into teams assigned differently colored vests and participated in imaginative activities and games based on the company’s product line.
Then, a company presentation took place, followed by a luncheon.
After lunch, participants remained at banquet tables for a surprise Live TV Show featuring company employees alongside professional entertainers. The recreation of a Late Night talk show set, used as a stage, was the finishing touch for what was rated an overall success by participants and organizers alike.