NALATAM SAP SMB Innovation Summit Orlando 2018


April 2018


Orlando, USA


NALATAM SAP SMB Innovation Summit Orlando 2018
The SMB Innovation Summits are one of the most important events of the year, since they are geared at announcing all the new developments and IT sector trends for Partner-Associates.
Each year the event takes place at 3 different locations in Asia; Europe, the Middle East or Africa; and the American continent.
In North America, it was held in Orlando and was considered to be the largest convention in the entire state of Florida. The venue boasted 1,335 suites and 150,000 square feet of meeting rooms, making it the ideal location for a major conference.
The convention included a total of 700 registered participants and over 70 stands. Visión Global was in charge of production, management and coordination for the entire event.
During the event, thanks to the App, the Website and printed material, attendees enjoyed updated information in real-time. Sessions were available both in Spanish as well as English.
The convention came to an end at the Gala Dinner, with live country-music entertainment and over 700 guests in attendance.