Partner Summit for SME EMEA Vienna 2023


13/06/2023 - 15/06/2023




Partner Summit for SME EMEA Vienna 2023
The 2023 SAP Partner Summit for SMEs in Europe achieved great success as it took place in Vienna, the capital of Austria, captivating with its rich history, stunning architecture, and vibrant cultural scene. The Austria Center Vienna hosted this event.

Featuring over 880 participants coming from 52 countries, with the support of 50 sponsors and 275 companies, this event provided a platform for attendees to delve into the latest SAP updates and groundbreaking innovations through captivating keynote speeches and informative breakout sessions.

Partners had the chance to showcase their solutions during breakout sessions and in the exhibition area, while also seizing the opportunity to create promotional videos, ensuring their presence continued even after the event had concluded.

What more could one ask for than engaging sessions that reflect real-life relevance, coupled with unforgettable moments of enjoyment?